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December 23, 2020

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Smartphones and healthcare

Already smartphones, from iPhone to Android, are playing a key role in our health and they’re going to play an even bigger role. Smartphones today are packed with all kinds of sensors, advanced software and cameras that are getting better every day, including many smartphones that use LiDAR (Light emitting Radar) such as that found in the new iPhone 12 Pro and coming to other smartphones. If you have an Apple Watch then you’ve got yet another health device that can connect with your iPhone for even more health monitoring. Right now, most smartphones can check your blood pressure, monitor heart rate and in some cases with a smartwatch, monitor your blood oxygen level (Apple Watch only for now.) But the uses for healthcare are developing rapidly. One app from skincare company Marianna can look at blemishes and skin conditions and recommend products. They use Artificial Intelligence to analyze photos.

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