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February 8, 2021

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How pets help with loneliness

Having a furry companion in dark times can make the world of a difference. I spend a lot of time alone. Even before this whole social distancing thing. My husband works away and I work from home. I work out at home. Home is my haven and my biggest comfort comes from my two adorable cats — I often call them “my coworkers.” If loneliness is starting to have a negative effect on you, it may be time to get a pet. For one thing, I promise you, it’s not weird to recreate the regular day-to-day coffee chat with a pet that can’t talk back. It’s more fun because you can design the whole conversation – both the question and the reply! Wait — does that make me sound crazy? I’ll chat about it with my co-workers on our next coffee break. To give you some background, I rescued my

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