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The healing power of touch

Healing touch can ease the torment of pain, improving the body’s own healing response. Even the terminally ill can benefit. SUFFERERS of chronic pain rightfully engage in a search for relief. Conventional and alternative medicine, drug therapy, physiotherapy, hot packs and cold packs — sound familiar? As a certified Healing Touch practitioner working with terminally ill cancer clients, I have seen firsthand what chronic pain can do to the body, mind and spirit. Over a 15-year practice, I have observed that healing touch (HT) helps even those whose intractable pain robs them of any prospect of a gentle journey to the end. There are many definitions of healing. My own is to gain relief from pain and suffering, which is different from curing a disease in the conventional sense. When symptoms of the disease or its effects subside, relief is palpable. HT can help people with many conditions, including chronic or

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