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Golfing in Malaysia

Striking scenery, exotic cultures and cuisines and a variety of tropical courses. Just don’t stray too far from the fairways. MALAYSIA for golf—halfway around the world just to chase that dimpled ball up and down fairways? The answer is: Yes, if you love adventure. The destination is an intriguing brush with different cultures, varied histories and fabulous food that reflects the Malay, Indian and Chinese population. There is history here. The Klang and Gombak rivers meet at the city of Kuala Lumpur. KL to the locals, it means “muddy river junction.” When the Chinese arrived in 1857 looking to mine tin, the place was a heavy forested jungle. There was a lot of fighting over the tin and eventually the British took control. The British influence is still evident in a lot of the city’s architecture. The Indian and Chinese cultures are also very strong throughout the city. Is Malaysia

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Not ready to retire

Growing up on a small farm in the country, my life plan was to get an education and see the world. It worked out well—just not how I thought it would. When I called it quits after 41 years of working for the same company, I wasn’t throwing myself into a black hole of the unknown. I never thought of calling it “full retirement” because that wasn’t in my plan. My years as reporter, editor and bureau chief at The Chronicle Herald afforded me a world of experiences and a wealth of contacts, all useful in the years to come. I started in the newspaper business more out of desperation than by design. I had my sights set on university after high school, but with an unfavorable climate at home I decided to leave the farm. I spent the summer with a friend in Halifax, picking up odd jobs. Money was scarce so I

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Treating arthritis with diet and exercise

Seeking options to treat her painful psoriatic arthritis, Johanna Legge, 57, says she found something “by mistake.” Her find was the Paddison Program, which she claims is the sole reason she has returned to good health. Rewind Johanna’s story to early 2013 when she lived in Vancouver. “I would have swollen ankles, which appeared like sprained ankles, and the medical community couldn’t figure out how I could sprain my ankles so badly, and not know when and where I did it,” she recalls. “I had no answer.” The pain was excruciating. “It felt like you put a vice-grip on my ankle. I also didn’t sleep when I had the worst flare-ups.” Legge was an environmental enforcement officer, which required her to do a lot of ladder climbing. Saw mills and pulp mills were among her many industry job sites. “I would go to work and shove ice packs in my

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