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Cape Breton Island’s Active Playland – Dundee Resort

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Dundee Resort Onsite Amenities Swimming

Dundee Resort, located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, is the perfect place for a healthy, active vacation or for taking a mental break.

Breathing in the fresh air with the scent of pine trees and surrounding biomes at Dundee can be invigorating on its own.

But wait until you jump into the Bras d’Or Lake! Dundee Resort sits right on the Bras d’Or Lake and is a salt-water estuary watershed ‘inland sea’ with three passages to the Atlantic Ocean.

The water is so clean, and swimming in the semi-salty water is like taking a giant Epsom salt bath with all the benefits and more. The surface temperature is a warm 16℃ in the summer, but it can also be quite chilly for all you Wim Hof fans looking for a cold dip.

Visit the onsite Lakeside Adventure Center and enjoy paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, tennis, volleyball and beach swimming. Dundee has all the safety gear, so you can feel comfortable exploring.

It’s not rare to be out there and see a bald eagle. Being at Dundee gives you the feeling of being in untouched nature.

Dundee Resort Onsite Amenities Biking

If that doesn’t mend your soul, you can hang out at the pool, reading books and enjoying some downtime. Dundee has indoor and outdoor pools, so you are covered either way.

Oh, by the way… The championship golf course ascends the side of South Mountain, providing commanding views of the beautiful Bras d’Or Lakes. Beware, golfers, that it is really hard to play when you have breathtaking views for 18 holes to tend with!

When you need a break to take in the scenery, check out the clubhouse, a beautiful rustic full restaurant and bar with full amenities overlooking the lake.

It’s not hard to see wildlife at Dundee. You can read more about the wildlife at Dundee here:

Wildlife Story

Enjoy the outdoor playland activity centre at Dundee. You can go biking or hiking. You can meditate, go for a run, or enjoy a walk. How about meditating on the beach or spending time with family at one of the two restaurants?

Whatever it is, you will find your space at Dundee.

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