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Winter Divers are Explorers

The winter cold doesn’t stop these divers from exploring the depths and observing the sea creatures revealed by the diminished plant life. THE snow is falling and ice is forming on the water—time for scuba drivers to hang up their suits for the winter months or plan trips to warmer destinations. Although this may be true for many divers, some prefer to get a little chilly, especially in New Brunswick. “A lot of the plant life dies off or becomes much thinner underwater in the winter, so things that seaweed was hiding are now visible,” says Kim Langille of Moncton, a diver since 1998. “The fish seem to be a bit slower, making them easier to photograph.” The sea life is one of the things Langille likes most about diving. “I love the sea creatures,” she says. “There are so many weird, ugly, freaky, prehistoric-looking sea dwellers in our waters.”

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