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Saucha and the art of purification

Saucha is the first of the Niyamas, the personal code of ethics from Yoga Philosophy. The Niyamas introduce us to ways of practicing Yoga off our mats. As with the Yamas, or how we interact socially with the world around us (see the last five articles from Yoga Corner), now we move within, looking at new ideas for how we can better practice self-care. The Sanskrit word Saucha translates as purity or cleanliness. In exploring this path, we find ways to purify ourselves: through our environment, our physical bodies and even our thoughts. In looking at the space around us, it’s clear how clutter and excess stuff slow us down. Do yourself a big favour and clean out your closets. How long do you spend in the morning deciding what to wear because you can’t actually see all your clothes? Same with the fridge. You dig around only to discover three

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Tap into your inner travel spirit

The magic of travel can renew your daily perspective. There’s something about travel that lightens your mind. Yes, there’s anxiety and stress that comes with a vacation, but there is also a sense of calm that will leave you feeling lighter, both physically and psychologically, before, during and after your travels. BEFORE YOU GO It all starts with a plan. You sit down with a vision of a destination and write a list of what your trip could look like. Use all of your senses. Where do I want to go? What do I want to see? What do I want to do? The anticipation brings your mind to a whole new place. It’s a refreshing escape from the stressful day you just endured. Through the planning process, you develop your desire for something new. The prospect of adventure and new geography will ease your typical daily aggravations. Leading up to your

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Five Things Centenarians Taught Me about Longevity

A few years back, while writing the book Age to Perfection: How to Thrive to 100, Happy, Healthy, and Wise, I had the chance to sit down with several people who had lived past their 100th birthday. Much of what they said was similar, as if it were scripted. Common sense that we seem to have forgotten over the years.  While my new friends may not have understood the science behind their advice, they knew from personal experience that it was all true. Living a long life isn’t that hard, but it takes discipline. Here’s a bit of what they all seemed to agree upon: Never Stop Moving They all seemed to find a way to keep moving. One of them still had a gym membership, while others were sure to go for at least one long walk a day. In addition to staying fit and limber, research shows that

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