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Aging and arthritis in Canada

A common myth amongst Canadians is that arthritis is a disease of aging, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. While it is often worse as we age, early detection can help along with other tactics. So if you’re older, get your children tested as it can make a huge difference for them and yourself. Over 6 million Canadians are affected by arthritis and most commonly, osteoarthritis. Women also suffer more than men from what can be a debilitating chronic condition with over 60% of Canadians with arthritis being women. Women are affected most because their tendons and joints are more elastic due to childbirth and it is also believed that the drop in estrogen levels after menopause plays a key factor. For men, they are mostly affected in the hip joints. September is arthritis awareness month in Canada and the Canadian Arthritis Society is launching a national awareness

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A passion for pole walking

Meet Leanne Booth, an Urban Poling instructor and avid pole walker. In a phone interview, the BC resident who has Osteoarthritis shared how pole walking improved her quality of life. May is Arthritis and Physical Therapy Month, and Booth is a testimonial in staying active and fit despite having two hip surgeries. She began, “When I had my first hip surgery back in 2011.  I joined a walking group and I was walking with my cane, and I started off with a five kilometer walking clinic. And I went through that and I progressed to the 10K walking clinic. And when you’re walking quickly with a cane to try and keep up with everybody, you get this really strange gait. One of these instructors said to me, “Have you ever thought about using poles, the Nordic poles? Because that way, you can keep your balance and then have a regular,

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