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Westin Nova Scotian Wellness

Westin Nova Scotian – Wellness Activities, Destinations and Excursions

The Westin Halifax Hotel: Your Halifax Wellness Basecamp Nestled in the heart of the Seaport District of the charming city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel offers deluxe accommodations and convenient access to a range of wellness activities catering to both relaxation enthusiasts and activity seekers. Whether you’re a traveller looking to unwind or someone dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the neighbourhood of The Westin Halifax Hotel is brimming with options to nourish your well-being. 1. Halifax Waterfront Walk: A Refreshing Stroll Step out of The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel and embark on a stroll along the iconic Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk. Stretching for approximately 2.5 kilometres, this scenic path hugs the waterfront, offering stunning views of the harbour and bustling marine activity. Take in the fresh sea breeze and let the soothing sounds of lapping waves create a tranquil ambience. A simple walk along the waterfront

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Melia Punta Cana Beach Resort

Melia Punta Cana Beach Resort, Wellness Inclusive

Tainoti. That is the official greeting here at Melia Punta Cana Beach Resort, in the Dominican Republic. In the traditional Taino language, “tainoti” means “I greet you with love because you are family.” The history and culture of the Taino – the island’s indigenous people – is woven into the fabric of this adults-only, all-inclusive resort. For instance, each day a local expert visits the resort to share his or her passion or expertise about the local culture with interested guests. As the Editor of Travel to Wellness and the President of the Wellness Tourism Association, I visited recently to learn more about this WTA member, and to experience their new Wellness Inclusive concept. Built on five spaces of wellness: social spaces (activities), silent spaces, sensory spaces, culinary spaces and personal spaces, along with a significant respect for nature and exploring the local culture, the program launched in January of

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Post-Pandemic Anxiety & Yoga Therapy

We’ve longed to be out and about, but for many post-pandemic anxiety is taking the joy out of life. Therapeutic yoga can help. After the intensity of two years waiting out this global pandemic and months of praying, begging and pleading to the powers that be to ease restrictions, a brand-new fear arose.  What will it be like to step back out into the world again? Most of us expected that once openings were announced, all our anxieties would slip away. Yet for many, it only made them increase. After living so long under stay-at-home-orders, social distancing and no group gatherings, including with our loved ones, we’ve become like prisoners tasting freedom for the first time, grateful, overwhelmed, and maybe even afraid all at the same time. This is exactly how I felt and I was surprised. Where being out and about amid the hustle of people all around was

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Mental Health for the Holidays

COVID-19 changed our predictable routines, necessitating remote work arrangements, physical distancing, and wearing masks. Everything from shopping to attending sports and social events now necessitates planning. Add workload, traffic congestion, home schooling, and alcohol to the mix and you have a sure-fire recipe for frayed nerves and lost tempers. According to a Canadian Association for Mental Health survey of 1000 adults in March 2021, 20.9 per cent of respondents indicated moderate to severe anxiety levels, 20.1 per cent reported feeling depressed, and 21.3 percent reported feelings of loneliness. Mental health and addictions admissions in Nova Scotia Health Central Zone more than doubled between April – June 2020 (191) and April -June 2021 (458). These mental pressures often worsen during the Holiday Season as people try to maintain family traditions, shop for gifts, and socialize at home and at work. As waiting lists for mental health treatment are often years long,

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We all deserve happiness

While we mainly look at Yoga in the west as a source of exercise that additionally makes us feel calm and centered, there are many ways to practice Yoga off the mat that don’t involve movement at all. In saying this, please know I continue to value and promote physical exercise – we must keep our bodies strong and mobile for our overall health and wellbeing.  Yoga is the 6,000 year-old science of the mind and is experienced as a stilling of our thoughts, or ending the ceaseless chatter in our minds. A revered Yoga sage and guru from 1450 BCE by the name of Patanjali explains that reaching this quiet space in the mind is done through non-attachment and practice. Practice, in reference to the eight limbs of Yoga which includes: social and personal ethics, physical poses, breathwork and meditation. However, I find the concept of non-attachment powerful. That

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Meditating with Eddie Murphy

If you think for a moment, there is a connection between meditation and comedy. First of all, they both require practice and a light touch. But it goes deeper than that. For the last six months I’ve been taking online meditation classes with Yogendra Mishra, who lives in Rishikesh, India in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains. He practices various styles and has been teaching for 35 years. Yogiji is not one of those celebrity yogis but he’s very wise. He has a light touch. In fact, he can be very funny. Doesn’t take himself too seriously. For the first few months it was a hard slog. I moved around the house, starting upstairs in the cold of winter, moving to the living room in spring, looking out the window and seeing the beautiful red fox, the jays and pheasants, then moving to the lower level where I start at

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Mindfulness: The Darker Side

There’s no doubt that mindfulness can and has helped millions of people. New research is showing there can also be a downside. From helping reduce anxiety and stress to being more focused, mindfluness has many benefits and has even been incorporated into prison programs in the U.S. and Canadian systems. New research from the University at Buffalo however, suggests that mindfulness can make us more selfish and impact our social behaviours. The research looked at a rang of what are called prosocial behaviours, or the range of behaviours we have when we’re around other people. From how we interact with others to the actions we may take in certain settings. In the research, Dr. Michael Poulin, an assistant professor of psychology looked at how people view themselves and their place in society. In Asian countries, people tend to see their relationships with others as interdependent versus in countries like Canada,

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How about exercise ”snacks”?

We often have this notion that exercising has to be at a set time and place everyday. We go to the gym or run at a set time. For some, that can be very helpful and useful, but you can also do exercise snacks. Recent research has shown that short bursts of activity can have the same effect over time on our health. It may also be of benefit to those with some exercise restrictions as we age. Says Dr. Martin Gibala, a kinesiology professor at McMaster University in Ontario “The big picture it’s just about activity, and there are lot’s of ways to build it into your day.” The federal government guidelines on weekly physical activity is at about 150 minutes total that includes some aerobic activity as well as bone and muscle strengthening exercises at least two times a week. And most of these activities can be done

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