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Westin Nova Scotian – Wellness from the ground up!

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Whether you want to maintain your healthy routine on the road or switch up your usual go-tos, the Westin Nova Scotian has everything you need.

You notice something special as soon as you walk into the Westin Nova Scotian. Maybe it’s the smile you get upon arrival, the relaxed ambience emanating from the entryway, or the fresh fruit-infused water right at check-in. Regardless of the instance, you feel the love.

Inside, it is magical, and the staff takes wellness very seriously. Wellness is an integral part of the Westin Worldwide brand mandate.

So what does this mean for the weary traveller? It means you can rest assured (pun intended) that they have thought about providing you with a nurturing wellness experience during your stay.

The sheets are soft and luxurious, and they even give you a small bottle of lavender oil to rub on your temples before sleep or on your pillowcase.

The restaurant has several delicious vegan food options, including the Impossible Burger, not to mention a selection of smoothies, including the chocolate tahini shake, mango smoothie, lavender honey lemonade and melon turmeric juice.

The pool and hot tub are conveniently located near the gym. Inside is a tranquil, meticulously maintained pool and hot tub to unwind and relax.

The gym has everything you need to support your healthy lifestyle on-the-go, including a video instruction tool displayed on the universal cable machine. So, if you want to do lats, you can select your lats as a muscle group and then pick an exercise and watch the video instructions. You might even find a new exercise you’ve never tried before.

The gym features a total TRX fitness equipment set-up, including medicine balls, straps and more.

There’s also a complete set of dumbbells and quality benches to maintain your strength training routine during your visit.

Staying hydrated during your workout is integral to wellness, and the gym features dedicated machines that deliver cold, clean-tasting water. There’s also a fridge with cold towels, so you can cool off after working up a sweat. Talk about service!

If you’re in the mood to switch up your usual gym routine on your travels, the Westin Nova Scotian has you covered. The TVs in each room have an entire workout video series you can complete without ever having to leave the comfort of your space! You can even borrow a yoga mat to get into the zone. Plus, the staff is educated in helping you locate the best nearby running trails or parks for an outdoor workout or yoga session.

For more about the Westin Nova Scotian as your basecamp for wellness activities while in Halifax, NS, see this article link: Westin Nova Scotia – Wellness Activities, Destinations and Excursions

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