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March 8, 2021

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Our global celebrations of spring

Around the world cultures and religions celebrate spring in many colourful and different ways. They are wonderful experiences that show us how much we are all the same. Rites, celebrations and passages of spring have been a part of the human existence since we began to evolve a culture. Our early ancestors would hold celebrations as seasons changed to ask their gods and ancestors for mild winters or early spring growing seasons. Spring celebrations and harvest festivals were tops throughout the cycle of the year all around the world. For many cultures, spring celebrations weren’t just for good crop growing ahead, but also represented fertility in their sociocultural groups. In Sweden, they have the Festival of the Penis, or St. John’s Day at the summer solstice. It is from pre-Christian days and was a nod to the pagan god Freyr, who represented fertility and renewal. In Sweden, it’s considered more

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