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April 27, 2021

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Wisdom of the elders

It does not start well, the morning Zoom meditation with the yogi in Rishikesh, along the Ganges River in Northern India. He is late. I almost click off. The he appears. Sometimes video, or audio, but not both. Then the connection settles down. Then it is interrupted multiple times. Then he shines a flashlight on the whiteboard where the mantra is written, phonetically, in block letters. It appears out of the gloom. It turns out to be a good meditation. The sound quality is erratic, but that is standard. Afterwards, the yogi explains how many things went wrong: weak signal, then computer updating, then power lost. Meanwhile, he is coming off a nine-day fast. He is weak. Has a mild fever, in fact. “Everything went wrong,” he said. Then he started to laugh. “So many obstacles,” he said, smiling. Then a pause. “We need challenges,” he said. Meditation is not

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