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June 15, 2021

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Life of Brian

Some people live life so large that no matter how well you know them, you realize this is only a fraction of who they really are. Or were. My friend Brian K. Penney was one of those. Brian died on June 5, 2021 at home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The following day would have been his birthday. He was born on D Day, June 6, 1945, near London, England. This is a fitting correspondence, as Brian’s life was full of dramatic twists and turns. Brian had survived so much I always thought he would live forever. In recent months he had been treated for cancer, but he had survived various heart and lung issues for decades, plus enough stress to kill a regular mortal decades ago. Until his final hours he could be counted on to make a joke, often self-deprecating, during the most difficult circumstances. He was a physicist,

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