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July 11, 2021

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Carpe diem – but keep the future in mind

Just because it’s grey and rainy doesn’t mean its not a great afternoon for a paddle and a swim. Stop in to play Paw Patrol with grandson Oscar, just four, and enjoy homemade squash soup made by his father Nathan. Oscar is so thrilled by his presents. Doesn’t mind if some are from the “buy and sell,” not perfect. They are just tools to trigger his vast imagination. Then off to the lake. Stop in to watch some Wimbledon with Janet and Terry. Sharpo has a few lapses. Gets ticked off, loses. Still, he’s so good, Canadian, just getting started. Djokovic plays chess, plays the odds, plays the angles. But he had to learn to control his emotions too. Outside I play with Pax and her ball as we head down to the lake. Beautiful black German shepherd –best dog ever! Launch kayak into the greyness. Scan for eagles. Pull

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