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July 28, 2021

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Addicted to reading? Help is on the way

Reading used to be print. Now it’s print and digital. Either way, there are downsides. It entails a lot of sitting – bad for the posture. Staring at pages and pages of type – bad for the eyes. Thinking about stuff you don’t know much about – potentially confusing. Worst of all, it can be addictive. Like booze and cocaine, the more you consume, the more you want. By the way, new-fangled words are taking over. Writing is now “creating content” and reading is “consuming” it. Why use one word when two words will do? As a kid I would wake up for an hour before breakfast to read. Books from my grandfather’s library were treasured possessions. Stuff like Stories from the Aenead, Swiss Family Robinson, The Horse and His Boy, Treasure Island, Mark Twain. Plus old copies of Boy’s Life magazine and a set of wildlife encyclopedias when I

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