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November 22, 2021

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Salt, sugar, fat, and dopamine: addicted to the modern world

As we all know, you can have too much of a bad thing like alcohol, drugs, and gambling. This is called addiction. But can you have too much of a good thing? Answer: yes. Sorry about that. You can become addicted to pretty much anything once you need more to get that same hit of pleasure and to avoid the come-down, the inevitable result of too much. Sometimes that “too much” doesn’t have to be so much at all. Especially in our society, where for many people life is a breeze compared to what our ancestors endured. We tool around in our SUVs on the hunt for a great buy or a cool experience. But no matter what we get, it never seems to be enough. We get impatient. Look in the rearview mirror. There might be a person in an over-large, over-powered vehicle glaring at you. They have places

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story by Sherry

Fiction: Mistakes and Omissions

Your analogies are too cumbersome, Colin used to say. They should snap. Yours don’t snap. Colin could be a real drip. I don’t miss him but sometimes I feel his absence. He would argue that these are the same. Colin could never tell the temperature of words. I didn’t feel his absence on my birthday last month or our anniversary the other day, but last night at the beach I thought of him because he would have been overcome it was so various and beautiful. First I thought of him as I was nudging my way through all those skinny empty trees in the forest, the sun blasting in between them like a strobe light, and then on the flat beach, the horizon soldered shut and the sky bursting with every kind of cloud and all the colours including a bruise of rain over Niagara and a pink smudge over

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