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5 ways to boost your brain health

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As we move age, we want to stay smart as well as fit. Keeping your brain healthy is just as important as your body. Here’s 5 things scientists say you should do.

  1. Exercise Daily: Sure it may seem obvious and we tend to think exercise is just good for our bodies. But it’s also good for the brain! A study by the Mayo Clinic in Germany found exercise increases our oxygen uptake, which is good for the brain. It showed exercise reduces cognitive decline. All you need is 20-30 minutes a day; even a brisk walk helps.

  2. A good cup of tea: Not coffee, tea. From orange pekoe to green tea, teas are just great for the old noggin. Coffee can help ward off Alzheimers, but tea is good for brain connections and neuroplasticity according to research. Proper thing what?

  3. Good heart health: Turns out, looking after the ticker is also good for the brain. Like, hey, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. This research showed a strong heart helps for a stronger brain.

  4. Forget things: Yep, you read that right! Researchers at the University of Toronto found that it’s actually good to forget things that aren’t really important. Remembering key things actually improves memory over time!

  5. Drinking low alcohol levels: A dram here and a bit of wine there or a cold beer…it can actually help! Low amounts of alcohol can reduce brain inflammation and improve overall brain health according to this study. Cheers!

Know what isn’t good for your brain, surprisingly? Playing brain games like crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Turns out, according to this study that all you get better at is playing games! But if you enjoy them, that’s what matters.

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Author: Alex Hurst is a staff writer for HUM@Nmedia the parent brand for Silver Magazine and is based in Nova Scotia.

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