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Best Podcasts for People Over 50

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While it may seem most podcasts are for younger folks, you couldn’t be more wrong! So we decided to put together a list of of the best podcasts in 2022 for Canadians over 50. Check them out, have a listen on your smartphone, smart speaker, tablet or wherever. Listen to them at home in your car or out for a nice stroll.

Stuff You Should Know

Curious about how things work? One day it’s hang g;iding and the next it’s knife throwing! You never know what you’ll find but it’s an awesome podcast. Check it our here.

The Better Health While Aging Podcast

Hosted by practising geriatrics specialist Dr. Leslie Kernisan brings on a range of brilliant guests to discuss ailments and health issues affecting people over 60. Packed full of great insights and lots of episodes. Check it out here.

Not Old – Better

Award winning journalist Paul Vogelzang hosts this weekly podcast series for everyone over 50. He interviews sports and entertainment celebrities and even just average folks living their best lives. You can find the series here.


Are you into true crime mysteries? This amazing podcast is just right then!. From PRX, what was life like in the 60’s for people who helped women get abortions? Or a man sentenced to life based on “junk” evidence? There’s so many to dive into. Find it here.

Living to 100 Club

Want to live to 100 or more? This great series dives into topics from sexual health to overall wellness with lots of ideas and advice from real people nd health care professionals. You can grab it here.

Girl Talk: Women, Aging and Sexuality

Romance, love and sex don’t end when we hit 50. Women are interested in these topics as well. This great series covers a lot of ground with experts in their field. Find the series here.

TED Radio Hour

Enjoy TED Talks? Here’s the podcast version with a wide range of topics from global affairs to health and wellness and everything in between. You can listen here.

Discover More: Check out this great article on Deborah Grover, co-start on Jann Arden’s hit series JANN.

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