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COVID-19 and the ageing

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Canada has done fairly well so far in fighting the Coronavirus Covid-19, but indicators are that the peak is yet to come. Most unfortunately, we’ve seen a significant number of deaths in senior care homes. As of today, the Quebec government has also ordered an investigation into one home over alleged neglect. We know as people over 55, that we are at greater risk than younger generations. But younger age groups are equally at risk and even a toddler died of the virus.

Younger generations, especially those under 25 tend to think that they are naturally healthier and also more resistant to the virus. Both points are, according to the WHO, factually wrong. According to Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, some of the reasons older people are greatly impacted by COVID-19 include the physiological changes associated with ageing, decreased immune function and multimorbidity which expose older adults to be more susceptible to the infection itself and make them more likely to suffer severely from COVID-19 disease and more serious complications.

Severe cases of the disease have been seen in people in their teens or twenties, with many requiring intensive care and some unfortunately passing away. But on a more positive note, there have been people in their 90’s and even over 100 who have survived.

Another area of concern when it comes to an older generation is those that are isolated by themselves. They need support too. If you have friends in this situation, be sure to call them regularly and maybe ask grandkids to stay in regular contact as well.

If you’re over 55, be sure to get regular exercise through walking, eat lots of vegetables and fruits. A healthy diet plays a huge role in keeping your immune system strong.


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