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Don’t retire. Change the world.

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As Dale and Linda Bolton discovered, helping the poor of Africa is more rewarding than retirement.

MOST of us dream about the slow-paced life that retirement brings, but will we be happy once we get there? Studies show that most Boomer retirees aren’t, and Dale Bolton certainly wasn’t. So instead of taking a break after 35 years of working, Dale and his wife took on a seemingly impossible challenge—to support at least 10,000 homeless AIDs orphans in Africa.

As Dale began to ease into retirement, his wife Linda showed no signs of slowing down. Impressed by how a natural supplement—magnesium citrate—transformed her own health, Linda couldn’t wait to spread the word and she soon became the sole Canadian distributor of Natural Calm’s magnesium citrate. However, the true transformation in their lives took place after they visited Malawi.

Dale and Linda have always helped others by donating both their time and money. In fact, they ran fundraisers for AIDS orphans in Africa. They even went to Malawi to visit the orphans and to see how their fundraisers had helped. It was on this visit, however, that they were truly touched and became convinced that more had to be done.

Dale and Linda left Malawi knowing they wanted to create a more effective way of alleviating the number of AIDS orphans living in extreme poverty, where people live on less than a dollar a day. The solution quickly became clear and the couple promptly agreed they would both work to market and distribute Natural Calm, but only if the profits could benefit African orphans. Their company mission was born: “Creating Health and Sharing Wealth.”

Working originally with Hope for the Nations (a UN Affiliate volunteer-based organization to set up projects in Kenya), the Boltons founded their own non-government organization, Organics 4 Orphans, and Dale happily said good-bye to retired life. They have helped build orphanages, children’s homes and schools.

The Bolton’s charitable efforts also enabled water drilling operations and a new initiative that teaches small farmers how to grow higher yield crops in exchange for caring for an orphan in their home.

The projects created by Organics 4 Orphans have done more than just provide infrastructure. They build sources of income, create a sustainable food supply and give the most vulnerable people hope for a brighter future. In this way, the Boltons are getting closer to their ambitious goal: To give the most vulnerable people in Africa the opportunity to move up the ladder of development so future generations will not have to know poverty.

Still, Dale and Linda are inspired to do even more. The couple hopes to increase Natural Calm’s presence in Canada “so we can support 10,000 orphans.” The fulfillment that Dale and Linda experience proves there is something better than retirement—working to help others. “The idea of retiring,” Linda says, “Just isn’t appealing anymore.”

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