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Westin Nova Scotian – Wellness Activities, Destinations and Excursions

The Westin Halifax Hotel: Your Halifax Wellness Basecamp Nestled in the heart of the Seaport District of the charming city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel offers deluxe accommodations and convenient access to a range of wellness activities catering to both relaxation enthusiasts and activity seekers. Whether you’re a traveller looking to unwind or someone dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the neighbourhood of The Westin Halifax Hotel is brimming with options to nourish your well-being. 1. Halifax Waterfront Walk: A Refreshing Stroll Step out of The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel and embark on a stroll along the iconic Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk. Stretching for approximately 2.5 kilometres, this scenic path hugs the waterfront, offering stunning views of the harbour and bustling marine activity. Take in the fresh sea breeze and let the soothing sounds of lapping waves create a tranquil ambience. A simple walk along the waterfront

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Dundee Resort Offsite Hiking
Dundee Resort

Unforgettable Active Experiences Await at Dundee Resort

Nestled on the breathtaking shores of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Dundee Resort offers travellers a unique opportunity to combine their love for travel with invigorating wellness experiences. Beyond its picturesque landscapes and gorgeous resort, Dundee Resort provides a haven for those seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with nature. From outdoor adventures to visiting local attractions, this coastal gem has something to offer for every wellness enthusiast. Fortress Louisbourg A short drive from Dundee lies the legendary Fortress Louisbourg, a national historic site that transports visitors to a bygone era. This meticulously preserved and recreated French fortification, with a history spanning over 300 years, offers an incredible adventure that combines time travel with ample opportunities for exercise. Prepare to immerse yourself in the past as you explore the spectacular fortress, interact with living historians, and embark on a journey that promises both historical enlightenment and physical activity. https://parks.canada.ca/lhn-nhs/ns/louisbourg Cabot

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Interesting new research on walking

We walk without thinking about it. But it turns out, walking helps our bodies in several interesting ways that may surprise you. There is a constant, complex dance of molecules in our body. Rushing to and fro. Some are doing good, others not so much. And it turns out, walking plays a huge role. Research has even been done on walking and its impacts on breast cancer in the form of the estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer which is seen in about two thirds of all cases. Basically, estrogen circulate in the bloodstream causes breast cell tissues to grow and divide and this is normal. Sometimes mutations occur and it’s not a big deal. Sometimes it is. A mutation could for example, occur that causes those tissues to settle in the lungs, heart or brain. This is called metastasis with the result being stage IV breast cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society predicted

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Your walking style and foot health

To the trained eye, your gait and even the soles of your shoes reveal a lot about the condition of your feet. Sheldon Gardner can often tell if your feet hurt by watching you walk, and even by examining the soles of your shoes. This is what you need to know about foot health. “If the treads are worn on the inside of the sole, underneath the toe, it means your foot pronates, or rolls in, when you walk,” says Gardner. “If the bottom of the sole is worn on the outside, it means the person’s foot is most likely supinating, or rolling out.” Halifax-based Gardner has been working as a certified pedorthist since 1996. He calls himself a “foot mechanic” because he is trained to assess a foot’s structural and biomechanical abnormalities and to help correct them. He explains that pronation can lead to arch, ankle, knee, hip and

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Benefits of Nordic Walking

In a recent interview with Dr. Taunton, former chief medical officer of the 2010 Olympics talked about how exercise can boost our immune system during COVID-19. He said, “In terms of exercise, that social distance is two meters, the best activities are aerobic so that could be walking, pole (Nordic) walking, cycling, running, golf, cross country skiing, single kayaker. One of the outdoor activities that offer many benefits is Nordic walking. Mandy Shintani, occupational therapist and co-owner Urban Poling and developer of ACTIVATOR poles for older adults and rehab says, “As it is an activity for all ages, it is also an accessible activity that people can do with their children and grandchildren.  There are over 260 independent studies listed on PubMed.com on the benefits of Nordic walking.” To help weigh in the many benefits of Nordic walking, Barb Gormley, the owner of CustomFit Personal Training in Toronto, director of

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Hiking? Look at the trees.

Heading out for a hike this weekend? Going deep into a forest or skirting the edges of one? As you trot along, stop. Look at the trees. Not just the tops, but the trunk and the roots. In our childhood, trees were these amazing things that we climbed. As high as we could get. Perhaps we dared our friends to climb higher? Perhaps we swung from them on a tire or a rope, splashing into a lake. In autumn they’d show us amazing colours. In winter they were bare bones. You may be surprised however, to learn that trees are amazing, living things. They talk to each other and they will even help each other heal when they are sick! Wait what? Trees connect to each other not just through their roots, but they use various kinds of fungi. Trees send messages to each other through fungi and in return,

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Ice caves in Atlantic Canada

RESEARCH reveals that getting outdoors helps people feel more energetic and reduces stress and sleep disturbances. Whether hiking and biking in summer or snowshoeing and skiing in winter, getting outdoors couldn’t be easier than in Atlantic Canada where nature is everywhere. In New Brunswick, near the small community of Norton, many locals make a point of connecting with nature by visiting ice caves. The 4km to 5km hike in on groomed snowmobile trails takes them through fields and forest. It’s a moderate trail according to experienced hikers. These ice caves are created when the water that falls into a ravine freezes and forms a solid wall of ice. Ropes help people climb down to the caves as well as up and through holes where people can venture in and out of the caves. Paige Danaher’s massage therapist in the Saint John area who understands the value of exercise for people’s

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