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Project England

We moved here for a change. We’re glad we did—and  now we appreciate Canada more than ever. We’ve been in England for five years, both by choice and circumstance. Life is different here. Our current address includes the term Cottage. We moved here, partly, to give our children the experience of another country, not because we found Canada unacceptable in any way. However, we felt that living abroad would educate the kids and, hopefully, give them a better appreciation for Canada. It’s done that, although English schools required a bit of adjustment for these Canadians. Arriving with three kids compelled us to quickly learn about school, GCSEs and A levels. All three were fortunate to go to the same school, which was built in 1660 and looks a bit like Hogwarts. What impressed me, though, was the church next door that was having repair work done to its roof. In

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Yoga for managing chronic pain

Gentle movement, breathing techniques and meditation allow us to work with pain and create habits to improve our wellbeing on both good days and bad. This article is not about how you can heal your pain through yoga. I think one of the worst things we can tell people with chronic pain is, “I have the solution—I can fix you,” because you’ve heard it a million times. You’ve probably tried a million different things, too. Recommendations about diet, exer- cise, doctors and clinics. “My friend’s brother said this,” etc. What I can share with you is a tool you can use to help deal with pain. Gentle movement patterns for the good days to keep the blood flowing and your joints moving and mindfulness techniques for when the pain takes over and it seems to be all you can think about. Chronic pain, no matter where it is experienced, is

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