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Fighting the Good Fight: Second Shooting

I woke up for work on December 18th, about three months after being at the Roode’s house, with the start of what seemed to be the flu. Not being the type to take a day off for minor ails, I started getting ready for work. I was sweating, so I decided not to wear my bulletproof vest. I had a couple of slices of toast and a quick coffee before saying goodbye to Marianne. We had plans later that evening to attend my wife’s staff Christmas party over at Jeannie Riordan’s, her intern’s house. We were looking forward to the party, and I was hoping this bit of a bug I’d picked up would be out of my system by the end of my shift. It was a beautiful sunny day, the kind of December day that is bright but frigid. It was near minus eighteen degrees Celsius outside. It’s the

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Where the whales live

Humpback whales are huge mammals that live in the oceans of the world, coming to the surface only to breathe. Like humans, they are purposeful, playful, intelligent social animals with complex languages. Like us, in pursuit of females the males are aggressive. The whales have to prove themselves. They have many vocalizations but only the males produce the long “songs,” as they are called. Not long ago, like many species they were hunted around the globe for their oil, which was used in lamps. Humpback populations fell drastically until the 1960s, when a moratorium was put in place. Until recently it was thought humpbacks lived to 40 or 50 years. Recent research has nearly doubled that. This is something we learned on the Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruise. “Some of the whales we might see could even remember the whaling years,” our guide said. “Somehow they have forgiven us.”

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