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Yukon moves to protect seniors from shingles virus

CanAge, Canada’s National Seniors’ Advocacy Organization, is applauding a recent announcement made by the Government of Yukon that the best-in-class shingles vaccine (Shingrix) is now available to all adults aged 65-79 in pharmacies. The previous age cutoff for the vaccine was 70 and options for where to get the required 2 doses were limited and unclear, leaving many older people in the territory vulnerable to shingles—a debilitating and painful virus that can lead to permanent nerve damage and loss of vision. The announcement follows a critical review of the territory’s adult immunization efforts by CanAge earlier this year, which placed Yukon among the worst performers across Canada in vaccinating seniors. “By expanding coverage and access to the recommended shingles vaccine (Shingrix), the Government of Yukon has taken a major step toward keeping seniors in the territory safe from what can be a truly excruciating viral infection with life-long effects,” says

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Foxes and sharks, eagles and wolves

Who is an ally? Who is an enemy? What is good? What is bad? It can be hard to tell. There are many Sufi proverbs to this effect. Let’s explore this from where I sit in tree-lined suburbia, outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, a small city in a small province of Canada. Canada has a large landmass and many natural resources, but a small population. The economy, measured by GDP, is smaller than that of California. Let’s keep this in perspective. A few days ago, I left the blinds open as I prepared for a morning Zoom meditation with Yogiji in Rishikesh, India. It was grey, raining. No direct sunlight. I was facing east, looking out the front window onto the tree-lined yard. Didn’t need the blinds. I stared at my open laptop, which connected me to the internet – to India, to Yogiji’s computer in Rishikesh at the upper reaches

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COVID and Gut Health

From long-haulers to nearly symptomless and everything in between, COVID-19 is proving to be a complex and nasty virus. New research is showing there are some symptoms you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to your gut. And gut health plays a vital role in your overall body health and even your brain health. Early on during the pandemic, Chinese medical researchers found that stomach and intestines (gastrointestinal) and some fecal-oral transmission was one clear source for the spread of the virus. While it was known that oral and nasal transmission were a factor, this added to the complexity of how the virus moved amongst humans. “…

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How smartphones can track COVID-19 in Canada

Traditional tech giant enemies Apple and Google have teamed up to develop apps for both iOS and Android phones to track the spread of COVID-19, the Coronavirus. When you have the app installed on your smartphone, it will be able to warn you if you’ve been near someone with the virus in recent days. Sounds a bit creepy perhaps? Both Apple and Google are going to great lengths to assure people their privacy is protected. For instance, you will be notified on your phone where you were near to someone with the virus but you won’t get a name or any other information about them, nor is yours shared. As well, only government health authorities can connect their data to this system and none of the data is allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Both Google and Apple will ensure that the apps can’t share any data with other

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