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Dundee Resort

Discover the Wild Side of Cape Breton Island at Dundee Resort

A Must-Visit Destination for Nature Lovers! Dundee Resort on Cape Breton Island, located in Nova Scotia, Canada, is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Its diverse landscape, which includes rugged mountains, dense forests, and sparkling coastal waters, is home to a wide range of native species, both on land and in the water. From bald eagles and moose to whales and seals, Cape Breton Island is an ideal destination for anyone interested in exploring the local wildlife. One of the most iconic animals found on Cape Breton Island is the moose. These majestic creatures can often be spotted grazing in the island’s forests and along the side of the road. Visitors are advised to drive carefully and be aware of moose crossings, particularly during dawn and dusk when the animals are most active. In addition to moose, the island is also home to black bears, coyotes, and red foxes. Birdwatchers will

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Fighting the good fight: Wildlife

This is the third in a series of stories about retired RCMP officer Patrick Guy Roy who is slowly slipping into Alzheimer’s. While stationed in Windsor, I got to know the Department of Lands and Forest officer. He was a gentleman named Ivan Myers. Ivan was a real bloodhound when it came to pursuing the bad guys that hunted out of season. These poachers would go out at night using powerful lights to scope out deer or moose with no regard for hunting season whatsoever. We have hunting seasons because when animals are most vulnerable, mainly when breeding, we want to protect their safety. It’s a travesty to wildlife protection and animal welfare to disrespect the laws put in place to protect these animals. As a result of cutbacks, Ivan Myers was the sole Lands and Forest officer in our area. He was also a friend of mine, and he

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Foxes and sharks, eagles and wolves

Who is an ally? Who is an enemy? What is good? What is bad? It can be hard to tell. There are many Sufi proverbs to this effect. Let’s explore this from where I sit in tree-lined suburbia, outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, a small city in a small province of Canada. Canada has a large landmass and many natural resources, but a small population. The economy, measured by GDP, is smaller than that of California. Let’s keep this in perspective. A few days ago, I left the blinds open as I prepared for a morning Zoom meditation with Yogiji in Rishikesh, India. It was grey, raining. No direct sunlight. I was facing east, looking out the front window onto the tree-lined yard. Didn’t need the blinds. I stared at my open laptop, which connected me to the internet – to India, to Yogiji’s computer in Rishikesh at the upper reaches

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