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Top 10 Exercise Mistakes

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We’ve probably all made at least one of these bloopers when we’ve exercised. Sometimes we’ve learned the hard way. If you’re just getting going with your fitness plan, be sure to remember these mistakes you can avoid!

1 Exercising too hard or too fast. If you exercise for 30 minutes most days, increase speed and distance by no more than 10% per week.

2  Lack of variety. Doing the same workout month after month can lead to fitness plateaus, boredom and overuse strain or injury. Mix up your activities.

3  Doing all or nothing. Not having a full 30–60 minutes to exercise is no reason to skip your workout. Even 10 minutes of exercise is beneficial.

4  Unrealistic goals. Impractical goals often lead to exercise dropout, if not injury. Stick to a plan that suits you—challenging but not so difficult you get discouraged from lack of progress.

5  Not warming up. Before every workout, warm up by using the movements you’ll be doing in the workout.

6  Lifting too much weight. Gradually increase the resistance guided by proper form. Control the weights; don’t let them control you.

7  Not cooling down. Allow your body to recover gradually by doing your warm-up in reverse.

8  Not stretching enough. Mild stretching following your warm-up, and again after your workout, prevents injuries and improves flexibility.

9  Not adjusting machines to your body. Improper fit can lead to poor results and injury.

10 Poor gym etiquette. This can range from lingering on machines long after you are done, to not wiping your sweat from machines.

Soda drinks are not good for exercising!

ARE you a soda drinker? A study published in the American
Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that soft drinks—yes, even diet ones—can lead to increased risk of stroke. The study found that men who drank sugar-laden soda had an 8% increased risk and women who drank the same showed a 19% increased risk. Diet drinks didn’t fare much better. Men who drank diet soda had an increased risk of 10%, and women 18%.

Change is hard. Gradually reduce the amount of soda you drink. Your body is more than 70% water. When you switch your soda for water, your body will thank you with more energy and better health. As you need to water a plant, you need to water your body regularly. A great alternative is sparkling water and there’s lots of options in stores now as Canadians turn away from pop and other sugary drinks.

More Insights: Check out this helpful article on a daily movement routine to keep you nimble!

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