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Why travel after COVID-19 is important

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Right now, it’s hard to think about travel when we’re spending our days in our homes and we can barely travel farther than our local grocery store. Imagining travel to sunny destinations or taking a wellness vacation may seem a distant dream. 

But traveling will be important for many reasons, not just economic. There have been concerns and re[orts of increased poaching in Africa and Asia as no tourists are traveling to these destinations. Tourism dollars help fund reserves and national parks. 

Traveling is good for our mental wellbeing too. Seeing and learning new things and creating exciting new adventures to share with family and friends, even taking family members. As you travel after the pandemic, you show others what is possible as well and it helps us find a new normal.

As restrictions ease and travel becomes possible again, you may want to consider initially traveling within your region. That way, you can play a part in supporting Canadian businesses first and if there is a recurrence, it’s a little easier to get home.

So now that we’re here at this time, perhaps it’s a perfect point at which to start planning your first post-pandemic trip. Do some online research, especially in your region. Use Google Earth as well or Google Maps to check out different areas. Reach out to some B&B’s in the area to see if they’re offering any kind of advanced specials. Plot some scenic routes to get to a chosen destination. That way, if you drive, you can stop off at local restaurants or antique shops for little side adventures. One example of an amazing, Canadian B&B that is a little slice of heaven in Ancaster, Ontario is Serenity Ranch. Another is the Abbeymoore Manor in British Columbia.

So, start to imagine that post-pandemic world. Plan some dreams you’d like to make come true. We will be through this and have a fresh new perspective on the world. Start planning today!

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Author: Alexa Hurst is a staff writer for HUM@Nmedia, the parent brand of Silver Magazine.

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