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A mattress for the ages

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As we age, the type of mattress we need often changes and they are critical to good sleep hygiene. And not all mattresses are made equal.

Good sleep health is important for our overall health and wellness. That includes pre-midnight sleep (sorry night owls), a good stretch of time where we get REM sleep for our brains, and to give our physical bodies proper rest and recovery time.

Edmonton, Alberta based Canadian mattress manufacturer GoodMorning.com believes this so much that they offered us a free mattress to try. If we were impressed, we’d write about it. If we weren’t, just like their 120 night guarantee, we could send it back. We ended up loving it. My partner and I are in our late 50’s. We’re very active. From Nordic Pole Walking to hiking and running, I’m regular with my daily yoga routine and pilates a couple of times a week. Exercise helps you have a better sleep and the right mattress plays a key role.

Compared to our previous mattress, which was the old spring style, and only two years old, the Brunswick gave us a better rest. We both felt more rested in the morning and my ongoing shoulder pain listened significantly. That in itself was so welcome.

Other things to do for good sleep hygiene is to turn off devices like tablets and smartphones at least 30 minutes before lights out, ensure you’re hydrated and do your best to get sleep before the midnight hour. Pre-midnight sleep is important to our circadian rhythms and the melatonin our brain produces at night to signal our brains it’s bedtime.

The mattress we were given to test is the Brunswick. It brings together coil springs as well as a specialized foam. A classic with a modern twist. GoodMorning.com says the mattress is medium-firm and yes, it is, but thanks to the gel memory foam they use, you also get just the right amount of softness so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a slab of concrete. The Brunswick is just right. 

This medium-firmness is especially helpful if you suffer from joint-pain, chronic pain like arthritis or have back issues that need more support. The good news is, you’re not sacrificing for comfort with this mattress.

We were so impressed we wanted to speak with CEO and founder of GoodMorning.com Sam Prochazka about their approach to making mattresses and why they only sell online: “We can take our time to create better mattresses, do the research and get the materials right,” he said. “When you cut out the middleman, you don’t have to deal with commissions and higher markups.” Remember the days of running all over town to find a mattress store and the pain of negotiating for your bed? Thankfully, they’re over.

GoodMorning.com was born out of Edmonton, Alberta. A solid Canadian company that was a pioneer in selling mattresses online only and they’ve stuck to that model. Over a decade later, they must be doing something right. They’re made in Canada and shipped directly to you from the factory, compressed in a box. Even the box is designed to make it easy to get into your house or apartment with a little help for the lift. They’re compressed down and solidly wrapped so no air or moisture gets in during transportation. It’s really cool when you set it on the frame and open the wrap as it fills with air. In less than 30 minutes it’s ready for a great night’s sleep too! Once ordered, you’ll get regular email updates on delivery times and you can track delivery online.

The quality of manufacture is solid. A strong braid around the edging and the materials used are very high quality. There’s no cutting corners here. Another advantage of the type of foam they use, even though there’s spring coils, is that slipping in and out of bed won’t disturb your loved one. Customer service is excellent and GoodMorning.com is very welcoming of feedback as they constantly seek to innovate. Sleep is so important to overall health and choosing the right mattress is so important. So if a classic with a modern touch is what you’re looking for, the Brunswick is just perfect.

Note: We received a GoodMorning.com mattress for free in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are those of the authors.

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