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The surprising cause of forgetfulness & memory loss (plus what to do about it)

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Memory is a common concern as we age. If you have experienced casual forgetfulness, mild memory gaps, or brain fog, you are not alone. It is part of normal healthy aging unless it becomes too hard for you to handle your daily activities.

As frustrating as those events can be, did you know that there is a biological reason for that?

One of the root causes is inflammation, the body’s natural ability to protect itself from infection or injury. As we age, the process to switch off inflammation becomes less effective. Mild inflammation remains around our cells, including in the brain.

When “on” for too long, inflammation causes brain cells to deteriorate, which leads to—you guessed it—memory decline.

Fortunately, these simple strategies can help you keep memory issues at bay.

Simple diet changes
A balanced diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods is one effective way to curb inflammation and promote memory and brain health. Prioritize foods like:

  • Dark leafy greens – add to scrambled eggs or mix into a smoothie
  • Olive oil – dress salads in a simple mixture of olive oil and the vinegar of your choice
  • Fatty fish – grilled salmon is a delightful treat, or classic tuna salad
  • Nuts – unsalted walnuts, almonds, and other nuts make an easy and simple snack between meals, or chopped and added to salads or cooked vegetables

Research-backed supplements
Certain natural health products have additional beneficial impacts on inflammation and memory.

Boswellia, a plant-based ingredient, can slow down the progression of neurodegeneration and help prevent memory decline. Human research has pointed to boswellic acids as the main active compounds that reduce inflammation and promote a healthy brain.

Once you speak with your healthcare practitioner, consider a boswellia supplement. Look for a product like Memowell™, which is supported by clinical research and approved by Health Canada to help support brain function and memory.

For more information and tips on memory and brain health, visit the Kondor Pharma blog and follow on Facebook.

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