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Top 5 Mental Health Apps

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Our smartphones are with us everywhere we go, often that includes by our bedside. While we use them for everything from shopping to listening to music, there are some apps that can help us with mental health too.

Here we rank our top 5 favourite mental health apps. While they can help, we do want to point out that they won’t cure issues such as anxiety or depression. It’s important not to self-diagnose and seek help if you need it.

  1. Moodfit: This is a great all-around app for mental fitness. It’s available on iPhone and Android. The app includes breathing exercises, journaling, you can set daily goals and track them as well. Well designed and easy to use! Some items are free and some cost. You can find it here.

  2. PTSD Coach Canada: Created and managed by Veterans Affairs Canada, this free app has great resources for those who may dealing with trauma and have PTSD. Although designed primarily for veterans, it’s available to anyone. It can be run on iPhone or Android. Find it here.

  3. Happify: Looking for a fun app to boost your mood? This is the one. Fun and interactive and easy to use. It also helps you to be “in the moment” and has been developed by psychologists and therapists. Get it here.

  4. Headspace: This app was created by Andy Puddicome, a Buddhist monk who’s traveled the world. It’s more of a meditation app. There’s also lots of great articles from getting kids to bed to your own sleep habits and more. It’s available for iPhone and Android too. Find it here.

  5. Sanvello: This is the top-rated app for dealing with stress and anxiety, with a freemium model. It’s based on guided Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and you can access a licensed therapist. It’s not considered to be helpful though for those with severe depression or other deep mental health issues. Well designed and available here.

Apps can be helpful as an assistive tool, especially for meditations and dealing with daily stresses and anxiety. None are designed to be a cure and should never be considered as such. Try them out, find one that fits your needs and routines and it’s always good to keep a journal as well for later reflection and to be present.

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